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"The science of the politician consists in fixing the true point of happiness and freedom. Those men would deserve the gratitude of ages, who should discover a mode of government that contained the greatest sum of individual happiness, with the least national expense."

— Dragonetti

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Healthcare Reform: A Giant Awakens PDF Print
Written by Alex Parrish   

THE healthcare reform debacle that is being forced down the throats of "We the People" has set their tempers flaring. In town hall meetings all over the country last summer, dissatisfied American citizens, who were fed up with being ignored, minimalized, and discredited, bombarded surprised members of Congress.

These citizens were responsible, concerned, ordinary people who were seeing the current administration drag the country down a road they considered unacceptable and foolhardy. Moreover, like a sleeping giant, they had awakened to the fact that all was not right in their world and they need to stand up and do something about it. The only option they saw was to speak out.

Will You Stand With Me? PDF Print
Written by Alex Parrish   

ONE ordinary man's view of the state of America and the steps necessary to move it back onto the path our Founding Fathers intended for it. Come, let us reason together and, together, we can be united in freedom. Will you stand with me?

Welcome to! PDF Print

STRAIGHTSTUFF.NET is a discussion site for social and political issues. These topics are being debated today and will impact our world tomorrow. Here, we will present straight-forward articles with fact-based information leading to analytical conclusions.

Our goal is to engage the reader with thought-provoking information designed to help them understand the traditional values on which our founding fathers based this country and our form of government. We welcome all sides in this endeavor because we want to be able to provide a fair and balanced discussion based upon the facts.

Whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent; Conservative, Liberal or Moderate, we hope you will join in this open debate and be willing to embrace the American legacy.

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